K~Butta is an all organic product that is not only great for your skin but for the wellness of your body as a whole. organics are absorbed into the body as nutrients, nurishing the cellular structures of the body. there are ingredients such as coconut oil, almond oil, avocado oil and grapeseed oil. these ingredients are targeted to nurish overall good condtioning for the skin.

Hand made organic body butters

Essential Oils
  • K~Butta body butters are just that. a total body cream. not just for a body lotion but a cream that can be used to smooth and soothe the dry areas of your body leaving a nice finish to your skin. k~butta is an amazing make up remover .so yes it can definetly be applied to thr face. it's great for rough dry feet. it's wonderful as a massage cream. can be applied as a lip balm. it's really nice to shave the face, under arms and legs with. can also be applied to the hair as an oil treatment or relief for dry scalp.

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