-For external use only.

-If there is an allergy to nuts, organically grown products please refrain from use.

_K~Butta makes no claims to be approved by or tested by the usda or the fda

-K~Butta is not intended for treatment, cure, prevention or diagnosis of any disease.

-K~Butta is not liable for any illness, problems direct or indirect damages for any product purchased from k~butta

-If rash, swelling, itching, or redness occurs discontinue use.

-Consult with your physician if irritation persists

-K~Butta body products does not recommend the use of the product as a substitute for medical care

- If there is a sensitivity to the content of this product please do

not use them

- Do not hesitate to seek medical advice as a result of something that you read on this website,


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